We offer around the clock, on-demand passenger and cargo domestic air charter service.

Why use an Executive Charter Service? Scheduled commercial air travel has come to mean:

Simple flights have become impersonal ordeals that can drag on for hours. In many cases the door-to-door travel time can be less when you drive.

Time is Money.

Smart business travelers are recognizing that the cost of all the wasted time spent on the ground because of security and other delays - let alone enduring the cramped seats, poor service, and constantly changing schedules - does not make commercial travel an efficient option. Depending on how valuable your time is, an executive charter service may end up being a more cost effective means of travel.

For many smaller markets, it is the only option.

All of our aircraft are state of the art. Excel Aviation features Raytheon Aircraft. The King Air is an advanced turboprop aircraft that offers a large, roomy cabin and safety. The Baron is a traditional twin engine aircraft that offers amenities found on much larger aircraft.



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